Renovating Your Home for Maximum Profit

In the current real estate market, homes that have already been renovated with exceptional design features are selling at astonishing prices, shattering previous records for price per square foot. With the scarcity of reliable contractors and the skyrocketing costs of construction, buyers are less likely to pursue homes in need of extensive repairs. However, if your home hasn't been recently renovated, don't worry. We have an established and dependable process for selecting strategic improvements that can revolutionize your home's appeal. Our team of experts have remodeled and sold many homes that have sold quickly and for top dollar, owing to our ability to deliver the current, sought-after aesthetic. We will work with you to create a customized property preparation plan, enhancing your home's appearance to ensure that it attracts the highest possible price when it goes up for sale. 


What Is the Process for Transforming Your Home?

For each presale home improvement plan we create, we take into account the specific condition of your property and the available access to make necessary upgrades. Following a thorough tour of your home, we will put together a detailed project schedule and budget for your approval. Once approved, we will manage the entire project, coordinating various subcontractors, selecting finishes, ordering materials, and ensuring that everything stays on track and within budget. The scope of work may range from small upgrades such as painting and staging to more significant renovations like new hardwood floors, landscaping, countertops, contemporary light fixtures, hardware, bathroom vanities, tile and carpet replacement, among others. We understand which details will have the most impact on potential buyers. You also have the option of using a service we partner with called Revive that will front the money and manage the process, so homeowners can obtain the confidence & freedom needed to maximize their sales value. Regardless, our concierge approach to property preparation takes the burden off your shoulders, ensuring your house shines by focusing on improvements that provide value to buyers and a significant return on your investment.


Your Initial Impression Is Crucial: Ensure It's Memorable.

Marketing and exposure can only get you so far. A lackluster home will never achieve its highest value, no matter how much you promote it. Don't leave potential profits on the table. With just a few cosmetic upgrades, you can create a home that looks and feels like it has undergone a complete transformation. The impact of these simple changes will be evident in the property photography that captures the essence of your home. Buyers will feel a strong emotional connection when they see the images on their smartphones or laptops. The "wow factor" they experience will draw them in, inspiring them to schedule an in-person tour. The properties we've transformed have seen a remarkable increase in buyer visits, disclosure packages requested, and offers submitted compared to those presented in an "as-is" state. Our proven methodology has helped many clients achieve offers sometimes well above the list price, after investing $10,000 to $150,000 in pre-sale property improvements. We're confident that our approach will deliver results for you, enabling you to recoup the costs and make a significant profit on your investment. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your home. 

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